26 Jul

“Well Done” is indeed, well done

I would like to recommend the book, “Well Done” by Ken Gosnell. Bible based business principles, when put into practice, really do work for any business. Ken has helped me to understand, better than ever before, how to recognize who is the real owner of Cabling Solutions and my responsibility to Him. I...
19 Jul

Wires In A Wireless World

My Computer is Wireless. My Printer is Wireless. So why do I have to worry about data cabling in my business? Isn’t that an outdated concept? For some devices, over short distances, wireless is a wonderful thing. But those wireless signals have to “land” somewhere, and that “somewhere” is an Access Point that...
12 Jul

You’ve Come A Long Way

There was a time when the top floor of your bank had a huge room with a telephone switchboard and human phone operators running the whole thing. Wow, how things have changed in just one lifetime. With the touch of a button, you can do almost anything with a call. But with all...