17 Aug

The Golden Rule Is Part Of Our Company Culture

We all want to be treated well. It doesn’t always work out that way, though. Sometimes we are, frankly, lied to and other times we are lied about. Sometimes we are ignored. These kinds of things are going to happen. That’s life. But how can we minimize such mistreatment? One way is to...
06 Aug

Taking The Second Step Is Part Of Our Company Culture

Our customers deserve the very best we can give them. They are not “sales targets”. They are customers that need the Products and Services we provide, to help them perform better. “Selling is something we do FOR our clients, not TO our clients”, (Zig Ziglar). So what is our focus? It is on...
26 Jul

“Well Done” is indeed, well done

I would like to recommend the book, “Well Done” by Ken Gosnell. Bible based business principles, when put into practice, really do work for any business. Ken has helped me to understand, better than ever before, how to recognize who is the real owner of Cabling Solutions and my responsibility to Him. I...