28 Jun

Are PBXs Obsolete Technology?

Remember that “Telephone Box” hanging on the wall in your Data Closet? There was a time when it was the communications hub for your company. But is it still? It might be but as far as you’re concerned, it’s working just fine for your purposes and you’re content. Or, perhaps you need to...
01 Jun

Who Do I Call?

IT support, Telephony requirements, Infrastructure Wiring needs, Dialtone provision.  Are you dealing with too many tech support companies? When you have an issue arise, are you uncertain of whom to call because you have different companies handling different needs? Here at CSI, we understand how frustrating that can be. Wouldn’t it make more...
13 May

Are You The Weakest Link?

So you signed up for “Blazing Fast Internet Speed” on your network but some or all of your network devices don’t seem to be operating any faster. The problem could be outside of your building and you can’t control that. However, the Weakest Link may be at your own site. With our extensive...