13 May

Are You The Weakest Link?

So you signed up for “Blazing Fast Internet Speed” on your network but some or all of your network devices don’t seem to be operating any faster. The problem could be outside of your building and you can’t control that. However, the Weakest Link may be at your own site. With our extensive...
29 Apr

Are you overpaying for phone service?

We all want to reduce our bills. That’s just good business. Are you aware that you may be paying too much for your phone service? A good Telco can help you make the best decision in that regard for your business needs. CSI can give you a free cost analysis. We are often...
25 Mar

When Does Your Voice And Data Contract End And Why You Should Care

We, as decision makers, work really hard to get good deals on our internet and phone services. Once we find that great deal we tend to move on to other concerns, then just let it go. In the ever competitive world for those services, you may want to look at what is available...