25 Mar

When Does Your Voice And Data Contract End And Why You Should Care

We, as decision makers, work really hard to get good deals on our internet and phone services. Once we find that great deal we tend to move on to other concerns, then just let it go. In the ever competitive world for those services, you may want to look at what is available...
17 Mar

Are You New E911 Compliant?

The Kari’s Law , Ray Baum’s Act, simply put, prohibits the requirement for a “prefix” when dialing 911 on your Multi-Line Telephone System (MLTS). Locations with a MLTS must remove any requirement that a caller dial “9”, “8” or any other number to reach an outside line to call 911. Also, when a...
03 Mar

Beware The Bundle

Realize that most bundled service contracts come with a low introductory rate, but after the first 12 months your cost goes up. After 24 months it can go even higher. Also, phone and Internet Providers may oversell the number of phone lines and amount of bandwidth you actually need or use so it’s...