19 Jul

Wires In A Wireless World

My Computer is Wireless. My Printer is Wireless. So why do I have to worry about data cabling in my business? Isn’t that an outdated concept? For some devices, over short distances, wireless is a wonderful thing. But those wireless signals have to “land” somewhere, and that “somewhere” is an Access Point that...
12 Jul

You’ve Come A Long Way

There was a time when the top floor of your bank had a huge room with a telephone switchboard and human phone operators running the whole thing. Wow, how things have changed in just one lifetime. With the touch of a button, you can do almost anything with a call. But with all...
06 Jul

Is “Free” Really Free?

We are getting bombarded regularly with businesses promising a “Free” item with the purchase of their new product or service. Did you sign up for one of those “Free” opportunities? Maybe you were promised “free” phones with the purchase of a Hosted Phone System. Some companies can afford to supply free phones by...