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24 Nov

The Impact Of Dwindling Global Supply Access

Recently, when visiting furniture stores, my wife and I were told that many of the sofas and chairs we were interested in would not be available for at least 12 to 16 weeks. Grocery store shelves have gaping spaces where products used to be. Even the box stores struggle to line their racks....
22 Sep

What Kind Of An Impact Are You Having?

You have worked hard to build your business in a tough economy. The good news is that you have had success. Business is booming and life is good. Congratulations! You have reached great milestones. But can you reach a little farther? Can you extend yourself a bit more in your market space? Are...
30 Aug

Making “First Things First” Is Part Of Our Company Culture

You deal with many important things in your business and personal life every day. But what is most important? Knowing the relative “order of things” is critical to getting more done. “When a leader understands the order of things, things can become easier to understand”, (Ken Gosnell in “Well Done”). Are you concentrating...