24 Nov

The Impact Of Dwindling Global Supply Access

Recently, when visiting furniture stores, my wife and I were told that many of the sofas and chairs we were interested in would not be available for at least 12 to 16 weeks. Grocery store shelves have gaping spaces where products used to be. Even the box stores struggle to line their racks. Have you noticed the empty parking spaces on new-car lots? In our business, copper wire and other products are getting harder and harder to acquire. Most other businesses are experiencing the same supply crunch. Is the end of these shortages even in sight? Suppliers don’t seem to have the answer to that question. It seems the supply shortages are mainly due to a massive labor shortage. In a capitalist economy, the problem may eventually be solved by an entrepreneurial person with an innovative solution. It may be robotic. It may be an ingenious new method. Please tell me what you think. Let’s communicate better!

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