16 Nov

Senior Mock Interview Project…

Landsdowne High School has asked me to participate in their Senior Mock Interview Project this year, which will be held on Thursday, November the 19th. I have gladly accepted this offer. First, a little background…

The goal for Senior Mock Interview Day is to create a realistic interviewing experience for each of their seniors. Each student interview should last approximately twenty minutes; the first fifteen minutes provide an opportunity for the student to introduce him/herself, present their resume for review and respond to questions asked by the
interviewer; the final five minutes provide an opportunity for the students to receive feedback from the interviewer about the student’s appearance, resume, and interviewing technique.

I’m excited to be able to represent Cabling Solutions, Inc. at this event, and can’t wait to see the potential these students bring to the table. After this event, I’ll post a follow-up Blog outlining my thoughts about how the “interviews” went!


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